7 Best Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Rachel Urso Real Estate May 24, 2024

Charleston, South Carolina, often hailed as a culinary mecca of the South, boasts a vibrant dining scene that tantalizes the taste buds of both locals and visitors alike. Nestled within its historic streets and charming neighborhoods are an array of restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines, from traditional Southern fare to innovative fusion dishes. Whether you're craving fresh seafood, hearty barbecue, or gourmet delicacies, Charleston has something to satisfy every palate. Join Rachel Urso as she embarks on a culinary adventure to explore the best restaurants this charming city has to offer.

1. Husk

Tucked away in a restored 19th-century mansion, Husk stands as a beacon of Southern culinary excellence. Helmed by acclaimed chef Sean Brock, this restaurant is renowned for its commitment to showcasing the region's bounty through seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. Diners can expect innovative interpretations of classic Southern dishes, such as the iconic shrimp and grits or the renowned Husk cheeseburger. With its warm hospitality and exquisite cuisine, Husk exemplifies the essence of Charleston's culinary heritage.

2. FIG

For those seeking a refined dining experience, FIG (Food Is Good) offers a culinary journey inspired by the flavors of the Lowcountry. Led by chef Jason Stanhope, this intimate eatery celebrates simplicity and seasonality, showcasing the finest ingredients sourced from local farmers and fishermen. From the delicate crudo to the decadent ricotta gnocchi, each dish at FIG is a testament to the chef's artistry and dedication to culinary craftsmanship. With its inviting ambiance and impeccable service, FIG continues to captivate diners with its unforgettable dining experience.

3. The Ordinary

Nestled in a historic bank building, The Ordinary redefines the seafood dining experience with its inventive menu and stylish ambiance. Renowned chef Mike Lata showcases the bounty of the Atlantic Ocean through an array of impeccably prepared seafood dishes, ranging from pristine oysters to indulgent seafood towers. The restaurant's sleek decor and lively atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for indulging in fresh, flavorful fare. Whether you're a seafood aficionado or a culinary enthusiast, The Ordinary promises a dining experience that is anything but ordinary.

4. Peninsula Grill

Located within the luxurious Planters Inn, Peninsula Grill sets the stage for an unforgettable fine dining experience in the heart of Charleston. Under the guidance of executive chef Graham Dailey, this esteemed restaurant offers a menu that blends classic American cuisine with Southern influences. From the iconic 12-layer Ultimate Coconut Cake to the tender grilled filet mignon, each dish is crafted with precision and care. The elegant dining room exudes old-world charm, providing the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or special celebration.

5. Rodney Scott's BBQ

No visit to Charleston would be complete without savoring the smoky flavors of authentic Southern barbecue at Rodney Scott's BBQ. Hailed as a pitmaster extraordinaire, Rodney Scott has garnered widespread acclaim for his slow-cooked, pit-smoked meats and traditional barbecue sides. From tender pulled pork to savory smoked ribs, every dish at Rodney Scott's BBQ is a testament to the time-honored art of Southern barbecue. With its laid-back atmosphere and mouthwatering fare, this beloved eatery embodies the essence of Southern hospitality and culinary tradition.

6. Xiao Bao Biscuit

Nestled in a converted gas station, Xiao Bao Biscuit offers a unique fusion of Asian flavors with a Southern twist. Helmed by chef Joshua Walker, this eclectic eatery delights diners with its inventive menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia and the American South. From the iconic Okonomiyaki to the flavorful Mapo Tofu, each dish is a harmonious blend of bold flavors and unexpected ingredients. With its casual vibe and creative cuisine, Xiao Bao Biscuit has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

7. Leon's Oyster Shop

Situated in a renovated warehouse, Leon's Oyster Shop is a laid-back eatery that celebrates the simple pleasures of Southern cuisine. Known for its crispy fried chicken and fresh-shucked oysters, this beloved establishment offers a menu that highlights the best of Lowcountry fare. Diners can enjoy a leisurely meal on the spacious patio or gather around the communal tables inside the rustic-chic dining room. With its relaxed atmosphere and delectable fare, Leon's Oyster Shop embodies the essence of Charleston's culinary charm.

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Charleston, SC, is a culinary paradise that beckons food enthusiasts with its diverse array of restaurants and eateries. From fine dining establishments showcasing the region's finest ingredients to casual eateries serving up comforting Southern classics, the city offers something for every palate and preference. Whether you're indulging in innovative dishes at FIG or savoring the smoky flavors of barbecue at Rodney Scott's BBQ, each dining experience in Charleston is a celebration of the city's rich culinary heritage. So, embark on a gastronomic journey through the best restaurants in Charleston, SC, and discover why this charming city has earned its reputation as a food lover's paradise.

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